Plethysmographs, Ocular, Segmental

Definition : Plethysmographs designed for non-invasive measuring and recording of data and graphics (i.e., a plethysmogram) of the volume and variations in the volume of the blood flow in the eyes due to the flow of blood in the ophthalmic artery (the first major branch of the internal carotid artery). Data is based on the measurement of the eye volume pressure waveform and amplitude. This technique is also known as ocular segmental plethysmography, and ocular pneumo plethysmography. These devices typically consist of a unit that measures, records, and displays the results, usually in graphic format, of the changes in the volume of the eye produced by pulsatile blood flow in the ophthalmic artery. The device also includes air-filled cups resembling contact lenses that apply vacuum to the sclera which results in occlusion of the ophthalmic artery and detect pulsatile changes in the eye pressure. The pressure at which systolic ocular pulsations reappear and its delay in time following occlusion is an indirect measurement of the ophthalmic artery pressure and consequently of the carotid artery pressure. A reduction in arterial pulse pressure in the eye and/or a delay in pulsation is a sign that a carotid artery may be blocked or narrowed.

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Ambulatory Monitoring Inc

Company Type: Parent

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. has been an industry leader for more than 35 years providing quality equipment to monitor physiological functioning in ambulatory subjects. The company's Inductotrace System continues to provide state-of-the-art monitoring of respiration; its Motionloggers were the first commercial actigraph devices available for long-term, continuous monitoring of the sleep/wake patterns of subjects in their natural environment; and the PVT Psychomotor Vigilance Task Monitor is the gold standard in reaction time measurement.

D E Hokanson Inc

Company Type: Parent

D.E. Hokanson, Inc. (Hokanson) provides noninvasive diagnostic instruments of the highest quality to the medical community - manufacturing instruments with a commitment to excellence in research, materials and workmanship.

Koven Technology Inc

Company Type: Parent

Koven Technology, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of Koven Hadeco Vascular Dopplers in the USA , Canada , and the UK . We pioneered the Koven Hadeco trademark brand Dopplers, developed according to our requirements and have worked to develop a wide variety of vascular, fetal and surgical Dopplers. Since 1981, Our goal has been to deliver safe and effective medical devices to improve patient care and the efficiency of your practice.

Parks Medical Electronics Inc

Company Type: Parent

Parks Medical Electronics, Inc. is the world's oldest manufacturer of Doppler Ultrasound Systems. We were established in 1961 as Parks Electronics Laboratory, and manufactured impedance plethysmographs, mercury strain-gage plethysmographs, hearing testers, EKG telephone telemetry and exercise EKG telemetry in the years before Doppler.

Unetixs Inc

Company Type: Parent

Unetixs Vascular Inc. is the leading U.S.-based manufacturer of physiologic vascular instruments. We design and manufacture the country's most in-depth line of technically advanced instrumentation for diagnostic vascular testing, and we offer all our products in international markets.

Vasamed Inc

Company Type: Parent

Vasamed, Inc. specializes in noninvasive diagnostic tools for identifying critical circulatory conditions. Their technologically advanced products can help improve patient outcomes by quickly, cost-effectively and noninvasively measuring hemodynamic parameters in a clinic or office-based setting.

1-6 of 6 Match(es).


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