Probes, Gamma Radiation Detection, Lymphatic Mapping

Definition : Gamma radiation detection probes designed to detect the level of radiation in lymphatic nodes around a cancer tumor after prior ingestion or injection of a radiopharmaceutical tracer (i.e., radioactive drug). These probes typically consist of a detector, a collimator, and shielding from radiation outside the intended target; they are used with non-imaging gamma radiation devices that display the count rate corresponding to each node. Lymphatic mapping gamma radiation probes are used to detect high-radiation points (hot spots), facilitating to find the lymph node to which the tumor drains (sentinel node, SN), helping the pathologist to identify lymph node metastasis status.

Entry Terms : "Lymphatic Mapping Gamma Probes" , "Sentinel Node Mapping (SND) Gamma Probes" , "Hot Node Mapping Gamma Probes"

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Care Wise Medical Products Corp

Company Type: Parent

The C-Trak Surgical Guidance System from Care Wise has been designed to be used by a surgeon in identifying tissues which contain a radioisotope label. The heart of the system is a small, hand-held gamma detector, the C-Trak probe.

Dynasil Products

Company Type: Parent

Faxitron Bioptics LLC

Company Type: Parent

Building the First Cabinet X-Ray System. The original Faxitron cabinet x-ray system was invented in the late '60s by physics pioneer Joseph Edmonds Henderson who would go on to head the illustrious Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington. Henderson also invented the betatron and synchrotron, which may explain the ‘tron' in our product's name.

IntraMedical Imaging LLC

Company Type: Parent

Intra-Medical Imaging LLC ("IMI") develops and markets molecular imaging instruments to- detect cancer during surgery, identify vulnerable plaques in arteries and to deliver cell and gene therapies. Molecular imaging is the most sensitive method of identifying abnormal tissues. The widespread application of molecular imaging in the operating room started with the advent of the sentinel node mapping for staging of melanoma and breast cancer. This technique is based on the injection of a radioactive tracer near the tumor site, and identifying the sentinel lymph nodes using a gamma detection probe.

Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc

Company Type: Parent

Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., (RMD) is the research business unit of Dynasil Corporation of America. Since 1974 RMD has been a world leader in providing innovative solutions across a broad range of security, medical and industrial applications, including radiation imaging and detection, nuclear instrumentation and non-destructive test equipment.

Rexon Components Inc

Company Type: Parent

Historically, Rexon Components Inc. was the second spin-off (1983) from the Harshaw Chemical Co. which pioneered the development of inorganic scintillators in this country and the free-world. Rexon's creation originated due to a change in Harshaw's management and philosophy. The founder, Dr. M. R. Farukhi had served at Harshaw as Group Leader for Measurements (R/D), Director of Production Engineering, and finally as Manager of Nuclear Products and Systems. Several of Dr. Farukhi's publications now serve as references for the properties of scintillators. Rexon's managers are veterans in the Nuclear Radiation Detector industry with primary experience at Harshaw. These managers are well aware of all the nuances in the fabrication technology. Rexon Components is at the forefront of Homeland Security. Our products are helping security worldwide. Rexon's Products and Services cover the entire gamut of products offered by the SGIC Companies of France which include the now-defunct Bicron, Harshaw Q/S, and Crismatec.

Tech Medical Services Inc

Company Type: Parent

1-7 of 7 Match(es).


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