Decontamination Units, Physical Removal, High-Pressure Gas/Particulate

Definition : Decontamination units that employ high-pressure gas (typically carbon dioxide) for physical removal of chemical agents, toxic industrial materials, and, less frequently, biological agents from the surface of equipment. These units typically consist of a portable high-pressure-gas delivery device and one or more hoses, nozzles, pressure gauges, and filters; they frequently include a handgun-like device to deliver frozen carbon dioxide particles (i.e., dry ice) at supersonic speeds to clean the interior of sensitive equipment. Some units also use plastic and/or glass beads for more aggressive surface decontamination. High-pressure-gas decontamination units can remove micrometric particles and hydrocarbon contaminants without destruction and/or abrasion of the equipment surface. Some devices may be used for skin decontamination.

Entry Terms : "Particulate Decontamination Units" , "Dry Ice Particulate Decontamination Units" , "Carbon Dioxide Decontamination Units" , "High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Decontamination Units"

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Applied Surface Technologies

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The CO2 Snow Cleaning process removes micron and submicron particulates and hydrocarbon-based contamination. Carbon dioxide snow cleaning is nondestructive, nonabrasive, residue-free, and environmentally friendly - there is no chemical waste. The cleaning process is based upon the expansion of either liquid or gaseous carbon dioxide through an orifice.


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CryoKinetics manufacturers dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems and is a pioneer in the automation of dry ice cleaning systems. CryoKinetics dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems utilize small, rice-sized, particles of dry ice as the cleaning media.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).


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