Monitoring Systems, Physiologic, Stress Exercise, Cardiac

Definition : Stress exercise physiologic monitoring systems designed to evaluate the cardiac response of a person to physical stress while the individual is performing exercise on a treadmill or a bicycle ergometer. These systems usually include an exercise machine, an electrocardiograph with appropriate electrodes, computing capabilities, a display, a recorder, and a printer (e.g. laser, Deskjet). Typically, the patient performs the test following a protocol that gradually increases his or her work (e.g., increasing the speed of a treadmill) while the electrocardiographic signal is monitored; the data is analyzed, and a report is printed. Some systems can automatically determine heart rate, analyze the ST-segment trend, and detect arrhythmias. Cardiac stress exercise monitoring systems are used mostly to diagnose and monitor the course of coronary artery diseases.

Entry Terms : "Physiologic Monitoring Systems, Stress Exercise, Cardiac" , "Cardiac Stress Exercise Monitoring Systems" , "Electrocardiographic Monitors" , "Cardiac Monitors" , "Electrocardiography Monitors"

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Comfort Technologies Inc

Company Type: Parent

Electrical Stimulation devices such as T.E.N.S (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) are battery operated devices that are used in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for the relief of acute and chronic pain due to arthritis , muscle sprain, low back pain syndrome and many other conditions. These hand held battery operated units deliver safe and effective electrical stimulation to the afflicted area and offer pain relief with no side effects or without the possibility of addiction as is the case with many pain relieving medications. Comfort Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of T.E.N.S. devices which offer many features for the ultimate in treatment flexibility.E.M.S. (electrical muscle stimulators) devices are similar to T.E.N.S. units but have treatment capabilities beyond those of regular T.E.N.S. devices. Indications for E.M.S. include, muscle re-education, maintaining or increasing range of motion, relaxation of muscle spasm and muscle tension , prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy and edema reduction.

Data Sciences International

Company Type: Parent

Data Sciences International (DSI) has pioneered the use of wireless implantable devices for monitoring and collecting physiological data to become the global leader in implantable telemetric physiologic monitors. Our technology is the gold standard for monitoring vital signs in animals, which plays an important role in delivering health care to people. In fact, DSI plays an important role in improving the safety of new life-saving pharmaceuticals by providing highly accurate measurements of blood pressure, ECG, EEG, temperature, and activity from animals used to study the effects of these compounds.

DeRoyal Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

DeRoyal manufactures healthcare products worldwide. Each product in DeRoyal's Surgical & Acute Care, Orthopedics & Patient Care, and Wound Care divisions exists in response to real needs, based on the advice and input of clinicians. We keep innovating because it's part of our heritage. What we develop and manufacture today will shape the future of medicine.

Hillusa Corp

Company Type: Parent

Hillusa Corporation was established in Miami, Florida, in 1980. The primary objective at Hillusa was to provide medical equipment to a wide range of clients for Latin America. Since being established, the Hillusa Corporation has experienced constant growth.

Mortara Instrument Inc

Company Type: Parent

Mortara Instrument was born with a guiding philosophy: design to a need, keep it simple, and make it economically accessible. Building on this philosophy, Mortara Instrument has created a complete line of electrocardiography products that are well suited to today's health care market.

Nasiff Assoc Inc

Company Type: Parent

Nasiff Associates is a medical technology company committed to providing PC solutions to health care professionals by developing and manufacturing medical diagnostic devices and equipment.Established in 1989, the first company in the world to produce clinically useful PC ECG systems. CardioCard, a true PC-based system, runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7 and Mac's with Boot Camp, Dual Boot,VMware Fusion or Parallels. We provide high value and quality solutions; a true alternative to the competition. We focus on quality products while providing the best customer care

Physicians Resource Network Inc

Company Type: Parent

Since 1983, PRN, Inc has progressed to become a national leader in the sale of New, Used, and Reconditioned medical equipment. PRN was born on the premise that reconditioned equipment can help our clients operate more profitably and our goal is to make the acquisition or selling of medical equipment a pleasant experience.

TSE Systems Inc

Company Type: Parent

1-8 of 8 Match(es).


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