Warming Units, Animal

Definition : Devices that use some heating element (e.g., electric resistor, radiant energy, circulating fluid) to heat a pad or a blanket that is used to regulate an animal's core body temperature. Animal warming units typically contain a control unit (supplied with power using internal batteries or a connection to the power main) that houses controls and displays settings. This power unit connects to a heating pad or blanket (of varying sizes, according to the animal) on which the animal is laid or in which the animal is wrapped to heat the animal externally. Animal warming units also have flexible probe thermometers (usually rectal and sized to fit the animal) to continually measure the animal's core body temperature and register the temperature with the control unit. Some animal warming units contain alarms that sound an alert when the animal's core body temperature deviates from set controls. Animal warming units may be used on research animals where maintaining the animal's core body temperature at a constant temperature (homoeothermic control) is needed.

Entry Terms : "Animal Devices" , "Animal Research Devices/Equipment" , "Animal Warming Units" , "Animal-Use-Only Devices" , "Homoeothermic Blankets, Animal" , "Homoeothermic Pads, Animal"

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Augustine Biomedical & Design

Company Type: Parent

Augustine Biomedical+Design was created in 2003 dy Dr.scott Augustine,former founder,chairman and CEO of Augustine Medical Inc.and Arizant Inc.His vision is to create a company and culter that fosters innovation and creativity.the result is a team with more then 350 years of invaluable experience in the medical device industry,and is eager to change traditions.Product decelopment is oour game,and our team is applying their experise towards the medical solution of tomorrow.

Harvard Apparatus Inc

Company Type: Parent

Harvard Apparatus is the global leader in syringe pumps, infusion pumps, RS232 controlled syringe pumps, high pressure syringe pumps and custom OEM syringe pumps and peristaltic pumps. Our pumps are used for mass spectroscopy, calibration, drug and nutritional infusions, microdialysis, dispensing, chromatography and LC/HPLC. Basically, you'll find our pumps anywhere that the most accurate and reliable research pumps are needed. More syringe pump information is available at www.syringepumpdirect.com

Kent Scientific Corp

Company Type: Parent

Parkland Scientific Inc

Company Type: Parent

1-4 of 4 Match(es).


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