External Shock Wave Therapy Systems

Definition : Systems designed for non-invasive treatment of diseases using high energy (shock) waves. These systems consist of equipment that generates and delivers the shock waves using one of several different techniques, such as: (1) electrohydraulic systems using electrostatic (also known as spark-gap) generators that produce shock waves when an electrical discharge between two electrodes submerged in water causes explosive vaporization; equipment using a variant of this method where the electrodes are submerged in a highly conductive solution rather than in water (known as electroconductive generators) is also available; (2) electromagnetic generators where a magnetic field is produced by an electric current conducted through a coil attached to a thin metallic membrane; when the membrane is repelled by the magnetic field, a shock wave is generated; (3) piezoelectric generators contain an array of several thousand ceramic elements arranged on a spherical dish; when short, high-voltage pulses are applied to the elements, shock waves are generated at the focal point located at the center of the dish; (4) pneumatic generators where an electrically powered unit provides compressed-air (i.e., pneumatic) impulses to drive a projectile-like device that in turn strikes an applicator located in a handpiece to deliver shock waves to a body area. Shock-wave therapy may be intended for use in extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy to fragment stones located in the kidney, urinary tract, gallbladder, and bile and pancreatic ducts by means of pulverizing action of focused shock waves or to induce neovascularization, improve blood supply, or alleviate pain in orthopedic and/or other (e.g., cardiac) procedures.

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Medispec Ltd

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Medispec – a leading Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) systems manufacturer — is making waves in the global medical community. A twenty year track record of providing high performance shock wave technology systems customized to client needs has made Medispec the company to turn to for non-invasive cardiology, urology, orthopedic, physiotherapy, and cellulite control applications.

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