Phototherapy Units, Visible Light, Hyperbilirubinemia

Definition : Phototherapy units designed to irradiate newborns with visible light with a high component in the blue (typically from 420 to 480 nm wavelength) spectrum to treat hyperbilirubinemia (i.e., jaundice). The effect of this light is to convert water insoluble bilirubin to water-soluble photoproducts that are mostly excreted into bile. Hyperbilirubinemia phototherapy units are available as overhead units that apply the radiation directly from the lamp to the newborn and as separate light sources that deliver the light to the newborn through a fiberoptic cable and a transparent pad or blanket.

Entry Terms : "Phototherapy Units, Neonatal" , "Phototherapy Blankets, Fiberoptic" , "Fiberoptic Phototherapy Blankets" , "Lights, Bilirubin" , "Lamps, Bilirubin" , "Bilirubin Lamps"

UMDC code : 17515

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Beevers Medical Solutions

Company Type: Parent

Hill-Rom Co Inc

Company Type: Parent

We're a company that draws on a heritage of more than 80 years of innovation and excellence to provide solutions that enhance the lives of our customers and their patients. Our roots are in the ideas first set forth in 1929 by our founder William A. Hillenbrand, who had a dream to "bring the home into the hospital." Since that time, we have become an industry leader and a trusted partner in finding health care solutions.

Hillusa Corp

Company Type: Parent

Hillusa Corporation was established in Miami, Florida, in 1980. The primary objective at Hillusa was to provide medical equipment to a wide range of clients for Latin America. Since being established, the Hillusa Corporation has experienced constant growth.

International Light Technologies (ILT) Inc

Company Type: Parent

Lumitex Inc

Company Type: Parent

Lumitex, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures custom backlighting for Membrane Switches, Keypads, Overlays, LCD's, and other Displays. We also design and manufacture custom fiber optic devices, surgical and phototherapy lighting systems. Lumitex, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative light delivery solutions for medical, electronics, industrial and other diverse applications.

Natus Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

Natus is a leading provider of healthcare products used for the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of common medical ailments in newborn care, hearing impairment, neurological dysfunction, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and balance and mobility disorders.

Physician Engineered Products (PEP) Inc

Company Type: Parent

Physician Engineered Products (PEP) is a physician-owned company with over 25 years experience designing and building innovative medical products and services – both to the medical community and to the public. With our focus on improving medical care while reducing costs, PEP has developed a particular expertise in bright light phototherapy – harnessing the healing power of light.

1-7 of 7 Match(es).


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