Scanning Systems, Ultrasonic

Definition : Scanning systems that use sound waves at frequencies (typically in the range of 2 to 15 MHz) well above the level of human hearing to generate an image of tissue in a transverse plane of the body. These systems convert an electrical signal into ultrasonic energy that is transmitted into tissues. The intensity, time, and direction of the echoes are measured and processed to generate an amplitude display (A-mode), a two-dimensional "brightness modulated" image display (B-mode), or a one-dimensional graphic display of a moving structure (M-mode). Ultrasonic scanners are composed of transducers (to convert electrical signals to sound waves and sound waves to electrical signals); scanners that measure the intensity, time, and direction of the reflected (echoed) sound waves; and scan converters that display the image on a TV monitor (usually a high-resolution monitor). Ultrasonic scanning systems are used in many diagnostic procedures, including gynecologic, obstetric, cardiac, vascular, endoscopic, thyroid, and breast procedures. Some ultrasonic devices using the Doppler principle are used to display blood flow information.

Entry Terms : "Ultrasound Scanners" , "Doppler Spectrum Analyzers" , "Spectrum Analyzers, Doppler" , "Scanners, Ultrasonic" , "Scanners, Ultrasonic, Other" , "Scanners, Ultrasonic, Compound B" , "Duplex Scanners" , "Flow-Mapping Dopplers" , "Doppler Flow Mapping Systems" , "Ultrasonic Units, Diagnostic" , "Ultrasonic Tumor Localizers" , "Ultrasonic Scanners" , "Ultrasonic Laminagraphs" , "Ultrasonic Imaging Units" , "Ultrasonic Analyzers"

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