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Sample Coaters, Electron Microscopy, Carbon Evaporation
Sample Coaters, Electron Microscopy, Metal Sputtering
Sample Coaters, Electron Microscopy, Metal Sputtering/Carbon Evaporation
Samplers, Laboratory, Automated, Cytology
Saws, Laboratory, Electric, Rotary
Saws, Postmortem, Electric, Oscillating
Saws, Postmortem, Electric, Rotary
Saws, Postmortem, Manual
Saws, Postmortem, Manual, Spinal
Saws, Postmortem, Pneumatic
Scales, Clinical, Autopsy
Scissors, Postmortem
Sharpeners, Microtome Knife
Shunts, Carotid Artery
Sinks, Autopsy/Dissection
Slide Stainers, Cytology/Histology
Slide Stainers, Hematology
Slide Stainers, Microbiology
Slides, Microscope
Software, Computer-Aided Detection System, Pathology Slide, Karyotyping
Software, Forensic Data Copier
Software, Physiologic Monitoring
Solvent Recycling Units
Spatulas, Cytology
Spatulas, Postmortem
Specimen Containers
Specimen Cutters
Spill Recovery Kits, Cytotoxic Material
Stoppers, Test Tube
Surgical Drapes, Operating Microscope

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