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Radiofrequency Generators
Radiofrequency Therapy Systems, Hyperthermia, Interstitial
Radiofrequency Therapy Systems, Hyperthermia, Superficial
Radiofrequency Therapy Systems, Tissue Ablation, Interstitial
Radiofrequency Therapy Systems, Tissue Ablation, Nerve Fiber
Radiofrequency Therapy Systems, Tissue Ablation, Ophthalmic
Radiographic Systems, Digital
Radiographic Systems, Digital, Mammographic
Radiographic Systems, Film
Radiographic Systems, Film, Basic (BRS)
Radiographic Units, Dental, Extraoral
Radiographic Units, Dental, Intraoral
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Systems, Angiography/Interventional
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Systems, General-Purpose
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Systems, General-Purpose, Direct-Controlled
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Systems, General-Purpose, Remote-Controlled
Radiographic/Tomographic Systems, Linear
Radiographic/Tomographic Systems, Multidirectional
Radiotherapy Simulation Systems
Radiotherapy Simulation Systems, Computed Tomography-Based
Radiotherapy Simulation Systems, Radiographic/Fluoroscopic-Based
Radiotherapy Systems, Cobalt
Radiotherapy Systems, Linear Accelerator
Radiotherapy Systems, Linear Accelerator, Spiral Scanning
Radiotherapy Systems, Neutron Beam
Radiotherapy Systems, Neutron Beam, Epithermal
Radiotherapy Systems, Neutron Beam, Fast Neutron
Radiotherapy Systems, Orthovoltage
Radiotherapy Systems, Proton Beam

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