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EHR Benefits Go Beyond ROI

This article analyzes a recent study discussing the ROI of integrating an electronic health record system into a medical practice. The results of the survey proved that it was a mixed bag between practices that are profiting or losing money from EHR systems. Read on to learn how to properly implement an electronic health record system to reach maximum profitability.

Hard Lessons From EHR Case Files

Integrating EHR systems and diagnostic devices can be quite difficult. When folding an EHR system into a practice many layers of functionality/compatibility must be considered, from the your practice's billing system, archived files and then to diagnostic instruments. This article will describe some actions to take to make the transition to an EHR system smoother.

EHR in the Cloud: Is It Right for Your Practice?

Numerous factors go into play when selecting an EHR system for your medical practice; one of those choices could be whether or not to consider a cloud based system. For a smaller business a cloud-based system might make more sense, however it is not guaranteed to be cheaper. This article discusses whether or not a cloud based EHR system is best for your practice.

Moving onto the next phase in EHR connectivity

If you have made the decision to integrate an EHR system, or currently utilize one in your practice you may realize the compatibility with diagnostic instruments can be a challenge. There are a few key factors for getting diagnostic devices and a future or current EHR system to speak to one another. Read on to hear some best practices on a smooth integration between your medical instruments and EHR system.

10 Ways EHR Can Shield You From malpractice

Investing in an EHR system is just like most forms of technology, it will only breed success if it is used properly. One potentially unknown benefit of an EHR system is its protective properties against malpractice. Summarized in this article are the ways to avoid malpractice with EHR systems.

How We Navigated Meaningful Use

There are numerous reasons a medical practice may consider the investment of an EHR system. Medicare has a program in place known as the Medicare EHR Incentive Program that will provide incentives towards physicians and practices that have made the investment in an EHR system. In order for a practice to receive this incentive, 'meaningful use' of the EHR system must be demonstrated. Read on to learn how to successfully meet the objectives of 'meaningful use'.

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